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Our Mission is to provide Aviation Technical Asset Management and CAMO Services to Aircraft Owners, Lessors, Airlines, Financial Institutions, and other relevant organizations - with precision, quality, and trust.

We are a technical consultancy and asset management service provider in aviation ecosystem with a diverse range of technical expertise in the field of Aviation and Information Technology. We provide solutions to reduce our clients' costs by limiting asset downtimes and ensure quality services with accuracy to protect the asset value. We provide wide range of technical consultancy services to our clients', by identifying needs and tailoring our services to exactly meet the client specific requirements.

Our global team of technical experts are available to satisfy your business requirement at a very short notice, worldwide.

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Aircraft Technical Asset Management

We understand that value retention of aircraft and their marketability are crucial to the success of an aircraft leasing business. Technical evaluation of the aircraft and its documentation status (together as Technical Asset Management) to an appropriate extent is a prerequisite to protect the asset value. In order to ensure this objective, our team of technical consultants deliver following services to our clients with utmost care.

We are an independent Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) approved by Civil Aviation Authority of Cayman Islands (CAACI) and Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA). We provide CAMO support services to the Owners, Lessors and Operators of commercial and private (business) aircraft.

We ensure the aircraft and technical documentation is of an acceptable industry standard to meet lease Return/Delivery conditions.

We perform aircraft physical inspections and documentation review to ensure client's asset is being maintained according to lease conditions. For the pre-redelivery audit we ensure on what needs to be performed prior to the end-of-lease transaction to avoid any last-minute surprises and high financial penalties.

We perform inspection of aircraft and its records to provide reports on the current and historical maintenance/technical status of an asset for further evaluation purposes.

We provide complete tear-down/part-out management support, which includes planning, vendor selection, component removal, technical documentation build-up, shop visit management, import/export, sales and administrative support.

We provide support for planning, work-scope preparation/review and monitoring any major maintenance events, like Major Checks, Shop Visits, AOG, Recovery, etc.

Technical Records Review and Management

As part of transition, mid-term, pre-redelivery or pre-purchase audits, our teams of technical consultants review the technical documentation to whatever level client requires, desktop audit or full transition due diligence of the data that ensures retention and maximize asset values. Along with the review our team can digitally scan partial or complete sets of records, verify, rebuild technical records and status reports in a cloud-based platform, to meet regulatory requirements and to remove any ambiguity by preparing records in a recognizable format as per international aviation standard.

Our services also extend to review and confirm Back-to-Birth traceability for major assemblies, i.e. Landing Gear/Engine/APU LLPs, in a clear and concise format detailing any deficiencies.

We have an expert team to review MPD, AMP, LDND and Work-scope in details, forecast major maintenance events and ensure compliance of all maintenance task.

With the information provided by the Lessee/Owner/Lessor/OEM we can analyze the data and prepare Gap Report remotely, to understand the status/condition of the asset and take necessary actions to close the Gaps as necessary.



If you have experience in aircraft transitions, physical surveys and records reviews and endeavor to deliver a high quality service, send your CV to career@macrontechnology.com


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